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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Illinois Gov Primary

So I thought I'd let everyone know about Edwin Eisendrath who's running to replace Blago as the Democratic candidate for Governor. He's really an amazing guy, here's an excerpt from a Daily Kos diary:
On state funding of the education budget, Eisendrath wants to increase education revenues by $2 billion by diversifying the tax base. Currently most education revenues come from property taxes, which he believes is not only detrimental to the business environment, but creates a school funding gap from wealthy to poor areas. By using the state's general fund, education would be paid for from all state revenue sources, thereby providing broader funding distribution, and ensuring that schools in economically depressed areas are not short changed just because they are in neighborhoods with low property values. Eisendrath also pointed out that he was once a Chicago public school teacher. In fact, much of his professional career has been in the educational and public service fields.

After graduating Harvard University, Eisendrath taught in the public schools of Chicago, spent 8 years as an alderman on the city council, and was involved in the creation of the "Clybourn Corridor," one of the most successful commercial areas in the Midwestern US. He was appointed by President Bill Clinton to be Midwest Regional Director for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where he oversaw the task of cleaning up the corrupted Chicago Housing Authority. By the time Eisendrath was finished, the Chicago Housing Authority received its first "clean audit" in more a decade. By his tone, you tell could it was something he takes great pride in. He now works as a college administrator, and pointed out that the IT director of his college, an Illinois National Guardsman, was just called up to serve in Iraq. He also stated emphatically that he has always been against the war and can see the toll it is taking among the Illinois National Guard.


  • At 6:59 AM, Anonymous ud said…

    This is really encouraging. I've been meaning to look into Eisendrath's specific positions on issues and now I will make sure to do so.


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