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Friday, February 10, 2006


-Well I'm feeling lazy today so I'll just link to Kos's open threads.
-I urge everyone to check out Soap-Blox Chicago and start reading it daily (this goes for me too).

Well I may be gone for bit, and while none of you are asking "When will I be back?" I'll tell anyways. When I get my PC fixed and hooked up with linux so I can start blogging for real (I've decided to have as little to do with Microsoft as humanly possible).

A parting blow: Illini Pundit proudly presents us with the definition of a pundit (because you know, you're too dumb to know it already):

pundit: (noun) an expert or opinion-leader, particularly in the field of political analysis.

What's interesting is to see the site evolve from being run by a public official (illegal), to copy/pasting emails, and now gratuitous key-board orgies. Now compare this to ArchPundit, who can somehow gather political information expertly without the slaves of college-Republicans that Illini "Pundit" has come to rely on. Perhaps while they're upgrading they should change the definition of Illini to "a group of people who think they're way smarter than they actually are," at least then they'd get points for being honest.


  • At 11:27 AM, Anonymous BrainDeadEd said…

    So Eddie, your little college blog relies almost entirely on references to a much more popular local conservative blog and links to/pastings from larger national liberal blogs? This is worse than UCIMC. At least they have original opinions to offer their readers. A university education can bring you many things, but an independent mind is obviously not among them. Good luck with your linking, cut & paste, and reference blog.

  • At 12:16 PM, Blogger DailyProse said…

    no...you're right. I'm trying to have more content, that's why I'm taking a break for a while.


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